Planning, execution and optimization

The keys to a successful business


Asset Management

New Dimensionz has been involved in various components of asset portfolio, project, and performance optimization for capital intensive heavy industry operations. This involves determing substantial risks and devising a carefully phased approach in order to mitigate them.

Value from ICT Strategies and Management

With over 25 years of experience in ICT service provision, New Dimensionz will help you sort out your priorities and deliver results. Let us help you navigate an appropriate path through the maze, and keep the focus on matching your IT Strategy with your business requirements.

Improving Supply Chains - Reliability, cost, and safety

New Dimensionz helps take the risk and complications out of moving operators within container and bulk handling supply chains from concept to commissioning, through to effectively supporting and improving full commercial operations. We have particular expertise in assisting with semi-automated and automated plans and operations.

Improving your Business Model


Optimization – based on execution and planning successes

  • Operational analysis (‘keeping the lights on’ – either enterprise wide or functional units) and optimization of these areas for improved performance
  • New initiative impact analysis and assessment
  • New/emerging technology reviews and opportunity assessments. Provide relevant information on new and developing technology which may offer significant advantages over components utilised in a current solution. Fully OEM independent and not biased towards removing utilising existing vendors or systems unless it is clearly justified, that is, we don’t try and justify change for change’s sake.
  • Autonomous systems
    • Full and semi-automated solution performance reviews
    • 3rd party assessment of actual verses expected performance and recommendations for key areas of potential improvement
    • System integration, interactions, messaging, and optimization heuristics analysed
    • Safety compliance standards and cyber security vulnerabilities

Execution – based on planning and optimization successes

Procure, Pilot, and Commission

  • Pilot project management
  • Pilot solution assessment and fleet procurements
  • Procure and commission project management
  • Roll-out planning. Assist with the development of complex multi-disciplinary roll-out and change management plans for successfully implementing the solution within specific operational scenarios – not a generic approach which overlooks the differences in each operation.

Deloy and Operate

  • Full deployment project and change management. Moving from pilot to full operation requires change management which involves much more than deployment of a new type of technology or equipment.
  • New Dimensionz has had to recover too many projects where this was not understood, or accepted early in the project lifecycle.
  • Post implementation reviews. Extract key lessons from implementation in order to improve future procurement and roll-out processes.

Planning – based on execution and optimization successes

Today’s organisations want to see operational costs reduced, risks managed, and technology investments carefully measured. This places even greater reliance on solid planning to deliver business benefits quickly, and for flexible technology architectures and service delivery mechanisms to be maintained. Our vision is to provide planning advice that leads to business driven new technology and autonomous system initiatives. They must be initiatives that can be

  • Realistically delivered
  • Linked back to clear business requirements
  • Have unambiguous, measurable business benefits

We do not create business strategies. We are here to help organisations navigate through the myriad of alternatives in order to best construct ICT and automation strategies that align with already articulated business strategies. In order to translate this often quoted aim, New Dimensionz draws on a great breadth and depth of experiences in program/project delivery engagements in order to ensure earlier stage strategy and planning is realistic. This stops the all-too-often experienced situation of having a seemingly sophisticated and refined ICT and automation strategy which does not translate into anything with operational relevance.

Key elements of the planning lifecycle


  • Capturing business requirements
  • Reviewing technology and automation strategies
  • Ranked requirements developed
  • Best practices, market trends and industry standards established
  • Current technology and engineering platforms documented
  • Technology framework components developed


  • Gap analysis
  • “Top N” alternative approaches compared
  • Broad risk analysis
  • Target ICT and autonomous system infrastructure and interfaces developed Detailed Planning
  • Risk/reward analysis
  • Technology, OEM, and project dependency analysis
  • Full solution integration architecture developed
  • Action planning (short, medium, and long term)
  • Detailed risk management strategies developed
  • Detailed project planning and scope of works
  • Procurement processes initiated and managed