New Dimensionz is a consulting company which has a track record of building and turning around businesses and portfolios in organizations to, believe or not, provide business value.

Strategy. Even been to another corporate strategy meeting where where all you end up with is a bigger laundry list of things to do? It does not work. We prefer true partnering for the longer term to ensure what is NOT done is as explicit as as what is aimed for.

Planning. Then comes planning. How much is really taken from lessons learnt and just how closed is the planning to delivery loop? It is not an admission of failure to used lessons from delivery to improve planning. We can help instill that into the ethos of your team.

Perform yet Transform. Are your products (goods and services) struggling to meeting current demands, while also being told you need to transform to compete?

Our strategy, planning, transformation, continuous improvements, and the work we do alongside operations to provide an outcomes first focus, is pragmatic, while being based on principles of industry adopted approaches. They have been proven time and time again and we will back ourselves it when delivering for you.

We like to be in for the longer haul with clients (typically measured in years) so that an impressive sounding strategy or plan is put to the test, and we join forces (avoiding the overused collaborate word!) along the way to achieve, believe it or not, actual, and sustainable business benefits.

Digital transformations and continuous improvements are our bread and butter. But they require a much broader suite of organizational components, and that broader spectrum is where we have heavily dealt for many years.

  1. There is no substitute for a breadth of experience across all facets of Transformation. This has been instrumental in us working with organizations successfully complete business and program turnarounds, through to pragmatic digital transformations (in concert with the other key aspects of transformations), digital blueprints, technology roadmaps, sourcing and commercial negotiations, but above all building or tuning high performing teams.
  2. We help make both transformational step change initiatives and systematic, incremental improvements, giving life to your business.

Services include justification, planning, assurance, execution, management, review, and assessment. We have deep experience in autonomous systems related portfolios, programs, and projects.

So if you are interested in an organization which over the years has achieved a couple of world firsts in using the fully gamut of  —  people leadership   —  client centered engagement  —   lots of listening and learning, and creating ways to take the focus off contracts and onto outcomes   —  redesigning team dynamics and culture  —  change management at front and center  —  (non-trivial) process change  —  broad and diverse harnessing of, multi-vendor, science, technology, mechanical, electronic and mechatronic, software engineering, and operations research (fully and semi autonomous systems/robotics) … have a chat with us.

We achieved these used varying commercial constructs, including partnerships, joint ventures, and Australian Government Research linkage programs.

All of this came together (not without many hurdles yet with outstanding executive and middle management support) to provide unparalleled business outcomes and customer satisfaction. Result, business performance and outcomes, along with ROCE/ROIC which still is an international benchmark.